I found inspiration in a sweet note my son found hidden in the park

Shout out to my manicure and whoever hid this in Prospect Park. My kid and I found it today in a teepee. 🙏

Yesterday, in an IG comment, my friend Anna tagged me on an Ina Garten post. Ina, that better-than-therapy cook, the fairy godmother of goodness, announced she would be doing Thanksgiving sides, live on the Food Network, Sunday at 12 p.m.

I’ve you’ve read me recently, you know Anna. (If you…

A gentle reminder that your teachers wear weird clothes

Still waiting for someone to help me pic stock images. Photo by Walter “CheToba” De Boever on Unsplash

Once upon a time, I had a teacher who gave a talk about the opportunities for insight that hide in our daily observations. He focused his talk on our observation of others, and the stories we tell ourselves about what comes up. He said that when you pay attention, a…

Profound lessons about freedom and boundaries from bumps, hugs, and beyond

Still working on this image selection quandary, but this is cool? Photo by Jez Timms on Unsplash

Boundaries established, boundaries pushed, a chat, questions, shouting, more questions, negotiating, more shouting, another chat, hugs, more negotiating, touching each others’ noses, more hugs, verbal expressions of love, rest. Can I touch your nose?

If you have ever known a toddler, you know the dance. My son is that joyful…

I started doing this when I needed it, and now I use it all the time

Photo: arianka ibarra/Unsplash

My friend Anna once joked that before we both got married (not to each other), we dated each other for years (open relationship, technically speaking). We would do lovely dinners at spots we’d added to our mental lists, saving them for each other. We’d day-drink Sancerre on weekends and then…

On learning how to read

This is pretty, but it is not how you shelve books. Image by Ria Puskas for Unsplash

Before she got her Master’s in children’s literature, my mother was a reference librarian at a public library in Montreal where her job was to be the internet before the internet. People would call the desk and ask her a question, and she would walk the aisles to find the…

My brother died eight years ago. Here is an audit of his digital footprint.

The author and her brother, from high school in the 90s

EEvery so often, I log into an old email account. It’s a Yahoo, and I created it in 2001. I became a late-adopter Gmail person in 2009, but kept the other one because when the grief washes over you, it can be nice to read old emails.

Over the course…

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I write and edit, usually in that order. Priors: VP, Editorial @Medium, exec editor at TIME, exec editor at Prevention, features at GOOD magazine etc.

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