Here’s How to Notice the Lessons All Around You

A gentle reminder that your teachers wear weird clothes

Still waiting for someone to help me pic stock images. Photo by Walter “CheToba” De Boever on Unsplash
  • Shit. She is going to miss her stop. She loves that book. She might miss her stop. Ahhh she is missing her stop! It’ll be OK. She really loves that book.
  • He is happy about that new shirt. I can tell it’s a new shirt by the way he is wearing it, and it looks very nice on him.
  • I am not sure why, but I feel he is a very loving son. I hope his dad sees it.
  • Her nails! She did that this weekend. It looks like Paula did them. I hope she knows they’re amazing. No one with nails that good doesn’t know it.
  • The way she rests on her mother’s shoulder tells me she knows she is safe. May we all feel so safe.
  • She is smiling for no reason. This is cute. Of course there is a reason.
  • He might not have been hot in high school, but probably he just didn’t feel it. I bet he was, though.

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